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Preparing for Higher Ed

CollegeNow, a program offering students the chance to earn college credit and give them a better understanding of higher learning, is helping South Seneca High School students prepare for life after high school.
The CollegeNow program is managed by Tompkins Cortland Community College. Students participating in the program earn concurrent enrollment credits by taking specific classes such as calculus or American history, which can be transferred to institutions across the nation.
English teacher Kate Remick teaches College Literature, which is one of 13 available course offerings for this school year. Remick’s course focuses on class discussion that she said fosters an environment where she and the students learn from one another. Some topics the class is focusing on include social inequality, gender roles, man's impact on the environment, and technology and society.
“I cannot emphasize enough what a great program this is: students can earn college credit at absolutely no cost to them,” Remick said. “In addition, and perhaps more importantly, CollegeNow courses offer students an opportunity to experience a college course before they are in college, getting a taste of the expectations they will encounter next year.”
South Seneca’s class of 2016 had 53 students participate in CollegeNow and earn college credit, which was 88 percent of the class. The largest amount of credits awarded was 32—more than two full-time semesters at a university—with the average amount of credits totaling 12.2.