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Community Fieldwork Program

Invitation to Partner with South Seneca Central School


Dear Future Community Partner,


In an effort to broaden the educational experiences of the members of our Junior/Senior class at South Seneca High School, we are looking to community businesses and organizations to partner with us through the Community Fieldwork Program. New in the 2019-2020 school year, the program is intended to provide our Juniors and Seniors with the opportunity to experience the daily and direct operation of community agencies or businesses over the 20 week semester. This fieldwork is an important part of the curriculum for the new Life 101 class.


In order to participate as a Community Fieldwork Program partner, one representative from your organization will be designated as the Community Sponsor. This person will serve as the direct supervisor for the student during their fieldwork. The Community Sponsor will be required to accept responsibility for ensuring that students have a safe working environment. Students are expected to participate in at least two hours of fieldwork each quarter (approximately 10 weeks). 

If you are interested in acting as a Community Sponsor, please contact Christa Dunlap @ 607-869-9636 x1203 or at the Your support of this initiative is greatly appreciated!


Forever Falcons, 


Christa Dunlap and Kate Remick 

Life 101 Teachers