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Using Multiplayer Classroom Games to Encourage Learning

Mrs. Karen Sanchez has implemented collaborative classroom quiz games to engage students in her Spanish classes in an exciting, new way.
Quizlet Live and Quizizz are interactive games that are designed to provide an active and fun approach to class material. Students compete in real time, either individually or on teams, for the highest score on subjects being studied.
“Since I don't use a textbook for my courses, these activity websites allow me to easily customize them to our curriculum,” Mrs. Sanchez said. “I have used them for everything from basic vocabulary and grammar to sentence structure and even literary analysis.”
Both games allow users to search from existing sets made by educators on a wide variety of subjects and topics, customize existing sets or build new games from scratch. This allows an educator to tailor a quiz to work perfectly for any class.
“The kids enjoy using Quizlet Live and Quizizz in class,” Mrs. Sanchez said. “These are great tools that give them instant feedback and they can see their progress.”